About Me

om ina

Who is ina / mewkid?

I’m a 20 year old colorful Risør girl. In August 2009, I moved with my boyfriend for over six years, Åsmund, to a small den in Oslo. I am a permanent part-time employee at Pinpoint Piercing as a receptionist, photographer and blogger, and then I work part-time at Lush at Byporten Shopping. Åsmund studies game programming at NITH and works with telephone support at Homebase. I do not eat any kind of meat, except fish, I am concerned about environmental protection and am totally abstinent from alcohol / tobacco products / drugs.

I love photography, and my camera is used diligently every single day, and is of course with me wherever I go. Otherwise, I have been a blood fan of Mew for the past seven years, and have tattooed on me their unofficial logo on the underside of my wrist. Piercing, tattooing and other forms of body art are something I am very fond of, and I am constantly planning new things to do with my own body in the form of art. So far, there are “only” nine piercings and one tattoo on me, but there will be more! Besides, I am very fond of my family and friends, colorful dresses, nature, photoshop, flowers, cooking, shopping, music, movies / TV, trips, soap bubbles, art, blogging, exciting people and living healthy.